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The road to success in today's automotive industry is marked by hazards at every turn. Statutory and regulatory laws are constantly changing, impacting business and management practices. Global competition requires firms to be more innovative and affordable. Environmental issues await like potholes, often presenting additional problems for domestic companies vying against international rivals or overseas entities entering the U.S.

We understand the challenges in the industry and we help companies navigate them all. We work with automotive manufacturers, parts suppliers, dealers, lenders and other businesses within the automotive industry that benefit from our experience in mergers & acquisitions, tax planning, financing, intellectual property, international trade, employee incentives, contract negotiation and dispute resolution.

Representative Client Work

  • Represented an auto loan company, as well as lenders, on auto loan financings and loan facilities provided to auto companies, including GM and Chrysler
  • Represented a leading truck manufacturer in various dealer disputes
  • Represented the supplier of automotive camera modules and imaging chips in the negotiation of large supply contracts with major auto parts companies
  • Represented the manufacturer of plastic auto parts in litigation matters including employment disputes, sexual harassment, breach of contract, tortious interference and trade secret matters
  • Represented the automotive unit of a Fortune 500 company in litigation risk relevant to OEM and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers
  • Assessed intellectual property issues for foreign clients prior to their setting up operations in the US.
  • Negotiated standard contract terms in an OEM/supply agreement in the U.S.
  • Represented a heavy duty brake products company in litigation related to noxious materials — out of hundreds of cases, the client only had to pay one settlement and was dismissed from essentially every action brought against it
  • Represented a publicly held company in the vehicle recovery business in its acquisition of the stock of a Canadian public company for cash and exchangeable shares