Tax Planning for High Net Worth Individuals

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Our tax strategies help high net worth individuals reduce the impact of federal and state income, estate and gift taxes. We know how to reduce or limit the impact of taxes on such appreciating family assets as real estate, closely held businesses and financial holdings, and develop the most effective structures to pass more of the increased value to younger family members. We also can help plan for the use of life insurance to increase estate liquidity upon death while avoiding tax on the insurance proceeds, and have developed software to analyze the optimum disposition of IRAs and other tax-qualified assets.

We can analyze the tax consequences of investments in pass-through entities such as Subchapter S corporations, partnerships and LLCs and help individuals to maximize the tax benefit of available deductions while minimizing the tax costs associated with various forms of income.

For clients with charitable objectives, we can help make the most of the tax benefits associated with charitable giving through a variety of strategies for charitable gift programs. Our state tax experts assist clients with controversies relating to Massachusetts residency and assist with all manner of state tax planning.