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Robert M. Buchanan Senior Counsel (617) 338-2861 vCard
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Barron M. Flood Associate (212) 660-3047 vCard
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Natalie S. Lederman Associate (212) 660-3039 vCard
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Nicholas M. O'Donnell Partner (617) 338-2814 or
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Our Litigation Group recognizes that litigation is more than a legal issue for our clients — it's a major business problem. When disputes arise, we are sensitive to the demands of our client's business and are careful not to lose the business war while winning the litigation battle. We make it our goal to shape the resolution of a dispute to our client's business realities. This philosophy guides even our earliest involvement in the management of disputes, as we use Sullivan & Worcester's full capabilities to keep budding disputes from turning into major crises. When a negotiated resolution cannot be achieved, our early intervention can help to strengthen our ability to litigate the dispute to a successful resolution.

Representative Client Work

  • Tried a case on behalf of an investment management company that established the enforceability of a non-competition covenant against a portfolio manager
  • Successfully represented a Texas-based retail store in a complex breach of contract action
  • Represented an institutional investor in civil and criminal proceedings to recover losses resulting from rogue employee's off-market trading of more than $9 billion in securities
  • Used our investigation and litigation skills to secure claims for first-party and third-party insurance coverage for the largest records and information management services company in a multiparty litigation, after arson destroyed one of its record storage warehouses
  • Defended a Canadian engineering company in a federal securities class action in Texas arising from the Bre-x gold scandal
  • Pursued an action on behalf of SAP and its founders, against a law firm for aiding and abetting fraud and breach of fiduciary duty — designated one of the ten "major litigations of the year" by the National Law Journal
  • Went to federal court to help an international bank collect a loan in excess of $100 million from the central bank of a foreign nation
  • Secured a successful international arbitration decision involving a distribution agreement for a multi-national pharmaceutical company
  • Represented a publicly-traded technology company against a publicly-traded Canadian company in a dispute concerning the theft of confidential, proprietary and trade secret information relating to business methodologies for electronic data storage and protection
  • Conducted nationwide intellectual property protection and enforcement programs and handled related litigation for Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and their licensing entities, as well as Comedy Partners (South Park), and NCP Marketing Group, Inc. (Tae Bo)

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