Tax Mania: The 2017 Tax Act


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Sullivan & Worcester hosted the event "Tax Mania: The 2017 Tax Act" on January 31, 2017. The event provided in-depth coverage into the nuances of the Trump tax bill.

Topics addressed by Joseph Darby III, Joseph Donovan, Amy Sheridan, Douglas Stransky and Gene Schlack included:

  • New lower tax rates for corporations – and some early ideas on how to take advantage of the new rules
  • Individual tax rates will drop for most taxpayers – but learn what you can do to make sure you benefit
  • Dramatic – and complicated – changes to S corporation and the LLC taxation
  • Net Investment Income Tax (NIIT) planning gets even more complicated! (How is that even possible?)
  • Does everyone really get a reduced tax rate on all that offshore cash and other selected international tax questions?
  • Many “tried and true” tax strategies are no longer true, while other tax strategies are new and need to be tried
  • Should everyone incorporate, including children and pets?
  • Alimony payments will no longer be deductible – divorce just got worse
  • A thoughtful reflection on possible new business strategies going forward
  • Federal estate planning opportunities just doubled (in lifetime exemption and GST amounts)
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