Blockchain & Digital Currency

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May 4, 2018

The swift and explosive growth of blockchain technology is fueling advances in industries ranging from financial services and manufacturing to retail and healthcare. Blockchain is poised to transform the way companies do business, making complex transactions efficient and increasing the productivity of employees and capital. Its seemingly unbreakable security, extraordinary precision, scalability, transparency and low cost make it more attractive than traditional systems.

As thought leaders in the industry, Sullivan & Worcester helps clients navigate emerging legal issues and regulatory uncertainties, manage risk, identify opportunities and proactively plan for the future. Joel Telpner practices in the blockchain space and leads policy initiatives on global regulatory issues for blockchain on behalf of the Global Blockchain Business Council and the Blockchain Research Institute. He speaks often on the subject and participates in panels worldwide, including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

On April 19, S&W hosted a live-streamed event featuring a Fireside Chat with the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook Whistleblower, Brittany Kaiser, followed by a panel discussion, "The Future of Blockchain and Trust." The stream can be viewed here.

Media coverage related to blockchain and digital currencies has been substantial and includes: