Women's Initiative


Promotion and retention of women is an important part of our diversity and inclusion efforts at Sullivan & Worcester. We have a long tradition of promoting and supporting women attorneys at the firm, and our Women’s Initiative strives to provide a warm and welcoming community that encourages women attorneys in meeting their professional goals.

One of the key Women’s Initiative efforts is mentoring and professional development support for women attorneys. We bring in outside speakers to provide formal training on networking, communication and implicit bias, and the Women’s Initiative sponsors mid and senior-level female associates to attend leadership and networking training programs. In our “Get to Know the Women Partners” series, a female partner within the firm shares her story of her career path in an informal program that all attorneys are welcome to attend, and makes herself available for more junior attorneys to discuss how to advance their legal careers. Our female associates meet regularly for “brown bag lunches” to share stories and help the firm develop ways to encourage women in the firm and in the industry as a whole, and the Women’s Initiative sponsors social events for female associates and partners to get to know each other better and help foster informal mentoring and support.

Holiday gift wrapping for Rosie's Place Holiday gift wrapping for Rosie's Place Holiday gift wrapping for Rosie's Place
Above: S&W Women's Initiative holiday gift drive for the Women of Rosie's Place, November 2018

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Nicole Crum

Nicole Crum
Partner & Chair