U.S. Regulatory Compliance Reviews


Companies doing business in the U.S. must navigate a sea of regulatory requirements that affect almost every aspect of their business. A focused, in-depth review of a company’s policies and practices by legal subject area provides a cost-effective way for businesses of any size to identify areas of regulatory noncompliance or other potential problems, devise a realistic plan for achieving compliance, and establish a set of best practices to prevent future problems.

To facilitate such reviews, Sullivan & Worcester has developed an extensive set of proprietary checklists that quickly and efficiently guide businesses in identifying their areas of actual and potential vulnerability. Not all of the substantive areas covered by these checklists are relevant to every business. However, because the checklists focus on discrete regulatory areas, companies can pick and choose the “audits” that address their specific business issues and needs.

S&W’s U.S. Regulatory Compliance Reviews are focused in the following areas, and are conducted by senior attorneys who each possess a wealth of substantive knowledge and years of experience representing companies in their respective disciplines. Click on the links below to learn more about each “audit.”

We will be pleased to have an initial meeting with you, free of charge, to discuss which regulatory compliance reviews may be appropriate to your business. Reviews are conducted for a modest fixed fee, based on the scope of the project. At the end of our review, you will be presented with a set of written findings regarding any areas of actual or potential noncompliance, and our recommended steps for remediation.

Please contact the S&W attorney with whom you regularly work, or the attorney indicated next to any topic of interest, to discuss your specific needs and set up an initial consultation.