2018 Trade Finance Breakfast Seminars


S&W Trade Finance Breakfast Seminar

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Remaining 2018 seminar dates:

Thursday 20 September
Thursday 18 October
Thursday 22 November
Thursday 13 December

Titles and speaker information will be posted as they are made available.

How can careful drafting in documents remove or mitigate risk of regulatory non-compliance?

Geoff Wynne
Ali Siddiqui
24 July 2018

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Uses of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) in structuring financing transactions

Geoff Wynne
Sam Fowler-Holmes
21 June 2018

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Recapping Receivables

Geoff Wynne
Francesca Umicini-Clark
24 May 2018

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Insurance claims in trade and project finance projects — how to maximise your chances of recovery

Marian Boyle
26 April 2018

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Regulatory and Compliance Headwinds (and Crosswinds) for 2018

Mark Norris
Geoff Wynne
29 March 2018

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Refresher on Taking Security and Credit Support in Trade and Commodity Finance Transactions

Kate Richardson
28 February 2018

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What Structures and Techniques Can Still Work in Trade and Commodity Finance?

Geoff Wynne
26 January 2018

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