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Sullivan & Worcester is nationally recognized for representing some of the nation's largest public and private REITs. Our lawyers have experience providing counsel across an array of real estate sectors, including office buildings; industrial properties; senior living facilities; hotels and travel centers; retail properties; antenna towers; data centers; business storage facilities; timberlands; vineyards and other agricultural properties; solar, wind and power infrastructure; transmission and distribution lines; mortgage REITs; and foreign real estate.

Legal 500 (U.S.) recognized Sullivan & Worcester as REIT Practice Group of the Year in 2015 and The American Lawyer has consistently ranked Sullivan & Worcester among the top law firms in the nation in representation of public REITs based upon number of REIT offerings as well as total REIT equity and debt funds raised.

Sullivan & Worcester has successfully guided its clients in a wide range of REIT transactions, including REIT formations and conversions, preferred and common equity offerings, secured and unsecured financings, senior, subordinated and convertible debt offerings, real estate acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, SEC disclosure, tax compliance, UpREITs, DownREITs, and sale-leaseback transactions. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach in providing comprehensive counsel in these areas, including advice on tax law, securities compliance, governance, environmental issues, and workouts.

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Sullivan & Worcester is a leading advisor to globally focused REITs. We have successfully provided counsel to incorporate and rationalize worldwide operations and assets of our REIT clients as part of their REIT conversions and M&A activities.

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