Mergers & Acquisitions

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Each year we facilitate M&A transactions worth billions of dollars. Representative transactions range in size from a $1 billion acquisition for a New York Stock Exchange listed company, to a $1 million purchase of a distribution business in the Midwest. Our clients include: large public companies with aggressive acquisition programs; a nationally known buyout firm; foreign enterprises expanding into the U.S.; and technology companies and family-owned businesses seeking liquidity.

Along with advising our clients on domestic and cross-border mergers and acquisitions, we also advise our clients on the tax, employment, antitrust, intellectual property and real estate issues that M&A transactions involve. We are known as skillful tax planners and often assist with the tax consequences of employment-related issues in M&A deals, such as terminating and merging qualified plans, providing security for nonqualified retirement benefits and resolving "golden parachute" and similar executive compensation issues that arise in acquisition transactions. Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal advice that enables clients to evaluate, negotiate and successfully close their deals.

Representative Client Work

  • Represented Iron Mountain Incorporated in its $112 million acquisition of Mimosa Systems, Inc., a leader in enterprise-class content archiving solutions
  • Advised American Tower Corporation in the acquisition of over 70 wireless communications towers and related assets
  • Represented Enexis Holding N.V., the largest electric and gas grid operator in the Netherlands, in its de-merger from Essent N.V. In the transaction certain Essent business units were combined under the ownership of Enexis Holding N.V. and spun off to the shareholders of Essent. The de-merger was the result of a Dutch law forcing utilities to separate their generation and transmission businesses
  • Advised Hospitality Properties Trust in its approximately $2.6 billion acquisition of TravelCenters of America, Inc., the largest full-service travel center business in the United States
  • Advised Where Inc., a Boston-based location media company, in its recent acquisition by PayPal, a division of eBay Inc.
  • Represented Emptoris, Inc., a supply and contract management software provider, in its sale by auction to Marlin Equity Partners