Oil Prices Tumble: What Are The Implications For Global Markets & Geopolitics?

Live Twitter #EnergyChat
January 12, 2015 at 12 p.m. ET

Oil prices have tumbled to five-year lows, upending global markets and geopolitics alike. Is $50 per barrel the new floor on oil prices? What's behind the recent decline in prices and how long will it last? How will new lower prices impact oil-exporting nations like Saudi Arabia and Russia and their customers in Europe, Asia and the Americas? Will lower prices reshape the geopolitics of oil? @EnergyCollectiv hosted a live Twitter #EnergyChat to discuss these and other key questions. 

The expert commentators and analysts included:

Jared Anderson (@breakingenergy)

Elias Hinckley (@EliasHinckley)

Robert Rapier (@RRapier)

Geoff Styles (@gswstrategy)

Jim Pierobon (@JimPierobon)

Moderator: Jesse Jenkins (@JesseJenkins)