ZAG-S&W Co-Sponsors Cleantech Symposium


A Briefing on Israel and Alternative Energy

ZAG-S&W, Washington, DC
December 2, 2009

ZAG-S&W co-sponsored a Cleantech Symposium with the Embassy of Israel and the U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Foundation in Washington, D.C. on December 2, 2009.

The purpose of the Symposium was to bring together Israeli experts in the renewable energy, water resource and conservation fields with a select group of representatives from non-government organizations, non-profits, associations, and industry and financial institutions with an interest in these sectors to showcase Israeli technologies and research. Additionally, the Symposium provided an opportunity to explore ways in which Israeli institutions and technology developers can further collaborate with opinion leaders, policymakers and industry representatives in the United States.

The program featured three panelists: Michael Granoff, the Head of Oil Independence Policies for Project Better Place; David Miron Wapner, the Executive Director of the U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Commission, a bilateral institution that promotes technology collaboration among government, academia and industry; and Kateri Callahan, the President of the Alliance to Save Energy, an organization that promotes energy efficiency worldwide.