Attorneys Cheer (and Jeer) High Court’s Cheerleading Outfit Copyright Holding

Reuters Legal Solutions
March 23, 2017

Lawrence Robins was quoted in the article, "Attorneys Cheer (and Jeer) High Court's Cheerleading Outfit Copyright Holding," which was published by Thomson Reuters in its Legal Solutions/Current Awareness Blog on March 23, 2017.

In the article, Mr. Robins explained that the ruling is consistent with the 1954 Mazer v. Stein case, but may have been a disappointment for some designers: "There were some who were hoping for a broader ruling that might have opened the door for greater protection for industrial designs.”

That door, however, was firmly shut by Justice Thomas, who found that something incapable of being a pictorial, graphic or sculptural work cannot be protected, Robins said.