Training & Mentoring


From the outset, we are committed to providing our summer associates with training and feedback designed to enhance their lawyering skills. Our summer associates are introduced to the basics of researching federal and state law using the wide variety of information resources available in the firm's library.

Throughout the summer, feedback on assignments is provided both informally and formally. At the completion of each assignment, summer associates receive an informal evaluation and verbal feedback by the assigning attorney. Moreover, in July the Summer Directors and the Hiring Partner meet with each summer associate to provide a formal, mid-summer performance evaluation on assignments completed to date.

As part of our summer program, we provide each summer associate with a team of associate mentors to ease the transition from law school to law firm. The associate mentors, usually second- or third-year attorneys, will help you become acclimated with the firm. This may include meeting on a regular basis to discuss assignments, having informal lunches with other attorneys, or simply answering questions — big and small. Likewise, mentor team members will meet with you throughout the summer to provide guidance on issues such as workload, assignment feedback, differences in practice areas and firm resources.